Chromosomal Instability aiding Variants (CIVa) Database

The CIVa database curates Loss of Function (LoF) variation predictions in chromosome segregation genes from multiple human genome sequencing efforts, including ELGH, BiB, Birm, COSMIC and Gnomad, in over 150,000 healthy individuals and patients.

The first version was published as part of Asifa et al., 2021, DOI to be included.

CIVa Database

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Gene Symbol Uniprot ID
Variation Number Transcript ID Protein Position Amino Acids Consequence AF_ELGH N_Het_ELGH N_Hom_ELGH AF_BiB N_Het_BiB N_Hom_BiB AF_Birm N_Het_Birm N_Hom_Birm N_COSMIC Cancer_tissues_COSMIC AF_gnomAD N_Het_gnomAD N_Hom_gnomAD